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Wedding dress

Ilmoitus on englanniksi mutta puhun myös suomea. Ota yhteyttä! Beautiful wedding dress for sale in perfect conditions. Used once in September and professionally washed. A-line style. Great choice if, like me, you dont feel comfortable with a very wide and bulky skirt. Top part finely decorated with a modern floral pattern, with open shoulders and upper back, and a satin-type band. It is padded and has underwiring on the sides so no need to find a strapless bra. Size: S (it has been taken in quite a bit so it can be adjusted to your size-even smaller or larger) Length: I am 1.65m tall and was wearing 5-6cm heel shoes. Shorter at the front, left long at the back for a train effect. The skirt part is in three layers (the 2 bottom layers are left short, only the outer layer is longer at the back) Shoes also available upon request (size 40)


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